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see Square

(as the L and 7 together closely resemble a square shape)
"Johnny is an L7"
by dw March 23, 2003
A gang originated in Massapequa Park consisting of 7 girls. Found in the ghetto of pequa (North of Sunrise)
Often seen in pictures with representing hand signs.
Don't mess with L7, they'll eff you up
by Jerome365 November 25, 2010
L 7
Slang term used to describe an older slang term of being "square" which was often used to indicate akwardness or someone who is completely odd. If you put the letter "L" and the number "7" close enough together, the two characters create a shape resembling a square.
I got lost in the city and ended up in an unfamiliar neighborhood where I felt completely like an L 7.
by Jack Scotty March 23, 2006
L 7
L 7 was used in the 50's/60's to represent being "square" or old-fashioned or un-cool. (People would hold up their thumbs and forefingers to create a square shape as a non-verbal representation.)
In the song "Woolly Bully" one of the lines is "Let's not be L 7, come and learn to dance.
by Anne Price March 14, 2006
Badass female rock group, songs include "Pretend we're dead" and "Andres"
L7 are good hard rock, listen to "Andres"
by oldschool May 18, 2004
Pioneering Seattle grunge band.
We were supposed to go see L-7 with Babes In Toyland but The Man got the fire marshal to close down the club.
by VK October 14, 2003
L7 aka square when you make it with your fingers and thumbs. another word for cigarettes.
I'm going on break to have a L7.
by Shameless August 01, 2005
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