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1. newbie
2. nublet
3. n00b
4. n00bie
5. n3wb
Jesus Christ in heaven! That faggot is such a JZ!
by HiP April 20, 2003
The gross dark, old blood that comes at the end of your period.
OMG, you got some kind of tar on my D!!
by Hip March 28, 2003
A person who needs to have his/her gas PumPed; Someone from Dunmore, PA; An L7
That fucker is such a gas PumP....
by Hip March 28, 2003
In the present day is known to refer to a boy of great pompousness.

Derived from the ancient pagan saying: SallySpankyBunny
Look at that pompous fool... Man Alive! What a Salman!
by Hip November 12, 2004
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