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Another word for a nigger.
Quit eating all the fried chicken, you god damned garfield!
by a nonny moose February 17, 2005
Entirely inferior to Heathcliff and Marmaduke.
Garfield is a tired-out sack of shit about a fucking obese cat who eats all the food in the house and is probably from Boston. His owner's ambiguously gay and strangely attractive.
by AflacJack January 18, 2005
Garfield-(Matthew Garfield)A great rapper from the west coast,that also goes by the alias of Kilo-G.One of the best freestylers in west pacific.
"Im like a dynamite stick about to blow,raps so cold aint no other like kilo/"
by kilo G September 30, 2003
One of the worst comics in the newspaper, second only to The Family Circus. The setting always consists of the same countertop, and involves Garfield eating food or smacking a spider with a rolled up newspaper.
Shit like Garfield is adored by the masses, while The Boondocks is yanked from papers because it might offend some white people.
by JakeStar April 25, 2005