A Garfield is where you let an orange cat (MUST BE ORANGE) sit on your lap, and it gives you a cat aided boner. You then proceed to stick the cats tail up your arse.

The move is completed when you are eating Lasagne.
Piet walked in the front door and was confronted by Damian sitting on the couch, giving himself a Garfield.

Piet said "What the fuck are you doing?"

Damian - "I'm giving myself a Garfield. Did your mum make this Lasagne, its delish!"
by asinc November 19, 2012
An extremely funny comic strip written by Jim Davis.
This garfield book is funny shit
by AflacJack August 27, 2003
To prematurely end a game of fifa by fouling all opposition players with wreckless challenges until you have an ineligible amount of players on the pitch to continue.
Normally brought about by poor sportsmanship and/or far better opposition.
Oh stop being such a bell and injuring my players you garfield.

This is frustrating. That's it, I'm resorting to garfield-ing you.

You're one garfield away from me winning it 3-0.
by kingofspin9 October 20, 2010
A fat vagina. A play on the on the comic strip character Garfield who is known for a being fat cat or to more appropriate terms in relation to this definition, a fat pussy.
Damn, Stacy sure has a garfield.
by VaginaDestroyer August 04, 2013
Garfield is a comic strip that first appeared in newspapers June 19th, 1978. Garfield is an overweight, lazy, lasagna loving orange cat who is usually mocked about his weight. Jon is a "geek" who tries to get a date while usually it fails. Odie is a Beagle who is hated by Garfield and gets pushed off the table.
Jon: You're gaining weight, Garfield

Garfield: Am not! I'm just getting softer.
by rtucker913 March 03, 2012
1. Town in NJ that is pretty poopy.

2. Comic strip

3. President
Lets go to garfield and chill.
-No, lets go to ridgewood instaed, and pick up mad preppy bitties.
by Mati, r. April 21, 2006
An excuse for merchandise, which used to be funny.
Jim Davis pulled the suction-cup Garfields from the stands because he was afraid people would get sick of Garfield merchandise. He's a good business man.

Jon: Look at that, Garfield! A whole bus stopped just for us!
by Dr. President January 09, 2006

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