Munching on a Garfield(massive) sized amount of food after participating in the act of smoking marijuana.
I just went and Garfielded after that fat sesh.
Lets garfield after this bowl bro-hah.
by SETARIP23 June 05, 2011
Garfield is a city in the state of New Jersey. It is known as GField and for its bad cops and highschool, and its awful football team. Also, there are many Polish immigrants in Garfield. Its is known as The City of Champions.
"Yo lets go to garfield, foo!"
"Nah yo, fo' get garbagefield"
by Someone1112212221 May 03, 2007
When a ginger shaves his pubes and doesnt brush them off and gets a blowjob from a girl therefore leaving hair in her mouth which she then chokes on and coughs up a "hair ball"
"Dude, I heard you hooked up with a fatty last night?"

"Haha yeah, I gave her the Garfield!"
by The Anonymous Garfield Bandit November 05, 2009
1. a fatass cat, with orange fur

2. a president that has orange fur
garfield gave jon a BJ

garfield gave congress a BJ
by my appendage is big August 26, 2006
the most retarded and un-funny comic in exsistance that somehow grosses ~1billion dollars a year on stupid consumers
Audience: hahaha lets spend money
by Both Chooch and Bambam June 03, 2010
A bad idea that is accepted by the masses and made good through stupidity.
eat shit, ten billion flies can't be wrong!
by masked_mockingbird March 18, 2004
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