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the way of spelling girl, favourd by girls below the age of 14 or dyslexics.
hey gurls, wanna sleep over, i just painted my room pink
by troyka August 29, 2003
A transvestite or drag queen who enjoys flaunting it and having a good time.

It is spelt 'gurl' rather than 'girl' because it is not a real girl, but similar enough to imitate.

Usually used in writing for context rather than spoken.
Bill and Jake were two gurls who enjoyed partying all night at the transvestite bar.
by Danny Dab May 06, 2004
A way of spelling "girl" practiced by people who will become victims of natural selection sometime in the future.
idiot: yo gurl sup
otheridiot: gky
idiot: k
by Z October 03, 2004
a slang word for girl
hey gurl wats up
by ?!?!?! December 02, 2003
used to describe feminine or homosexual males or as a term of affection between two females
I'm going out with the gurls tonight (meaning multiple gay boys)
Hey gurl, nice weave
by pocket April 25, 2005
An alternative spelling of girl used to indicate that the person being referred to may look and act like a girl but they are not genetically female.
Used commonly by transgendered people in transgendered literature, but not exclusively.
"Hey gurl I think he likes you," said the tranny to her tranny friend.

He stepped into the room dressed as a girl for Halloween.
"Gurl you look hot!" said his friend.
#plural gurlz #antonym boi #shemale #transsexual #tranny #femboy #sissy
by Disco Vigilante February 11, 2008
A gurl is a girl.
Come on gurl!
#girl #gurl #woman #bitch #ho
by 2c4s January 20, 2009
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