A word that describes male to male friendship, in a totally non-homosexual way, that replaces the word "Boi". Instead of hanging with your boy, you're chillin' wit cho, gurl. Note: spelling is Gurl and not Girl (If it were girl, you'd be with a girlfriend or the like)
Dan: Whaddup, Gurl?
Dylan: Not much, Gurl, how are you?
Dan: I'm good!
Dylan: Thats mah Gurl!
by That kid from Cromwell! May 07, 2009
URLs for feminine sites, much like those reserved for Women's Lib.
Just check out that gURL, wow.
by Hercolena Oliver August 28, 2008
A Naval officer with the 1100 code in the General UnRestricted Line (GURL), doesn't have a warfare specialty, doesn't serve at sea and consequently attracts personnel who would otherwise have made a career in the postal service.
My JAG lawyer thought it was important to get a GURL on the courts-martial board so that I could get acquitted.
by harry flashman July 13, 2003
Girl; southern talk of saying girl
Look at that gurl.
See Girl.
by Anonymous February 28, 2003
What you call a female human being as a greeting when acting like a pimp.

When using this greeting, don't pronounce the L at the end of Gurl so much. Make it sound like you're kind of saying "Gurr".
You: Hey gurrrrrrrl!

You: Yo gurl, what's goin onn?

You: Yo (insert girl's name here)-GURL, whatchyall do last night?
by FreakshowGamer June 05, 2010
Like a girl but for idiots. Used in place of "girl" by people too dull-witted or too lacking in respect for women to use appropriate language.

Alternatively, it's used for self-reference by women who want to indicate their own idiocy but, communicating online, cannot visible slam their face into a wall.
Whaddup gurl?
Im justa reglar gurl!!
by Sarlax October 22, 2009

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