any cute teen girl u wanna "know" more
hey gurl wanna ride in my car
by pe teacher September 03, 2003
Cute bi or lesbian that is a girly girl, mainly devoted to pleasuring other girls. Everyones favourite type of girl. Not to be confused with kinda cute or puts on an act like she's cute and isn't.
Sylvia Saint & Stepanie Swift are nice gurls.
by cruznsquaw January 17, 2003
A female, woman, or a person of the feminie persuasion that is a child.
Oh no he didn't do that Gurl!
by Wynette McWilliams July 12, 2005
Commonly used word by the 2005 yr 12s on Leavers, used to greet anyone entering a room, regardless of their gender.
Basic version: Hey gurl!
When very happy or drunk: Oh hey gurrrrrrrlllll!
by nuknuknukki December 06, 2005
a word used by 10yo boys on any game involving a mic to counicate so people dont give them shit caue of their winey voices
gurlwithgun: hi im a little bitch ass boy that sounds like a chick so just think that im a chick cause its my dream to start cross dressing and have my balls drop one day
by Zerocool March 29, 2005
think they should be first and everybody should hang out with them,if you dont they get mad at you.there the biggest whores ever.if you hang out with anybody else(older girls)they say that you think your hot shouldnt matter who you hang out with bitches.
gurls:why do you hang out with them.What,do you think your hot shit
by SnickerkiD March 23, 2011

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