A slang for "get the fuck out/off"
Sister: Whatcha doin
Brother: Gtfo of my room I'm busy
by Kool Kid123 April 14, 2014
In addition to get the fuck out, also an abbreviation for the popular site Gay Teen Forum dot Org
1: Hey I heard there was gonna be a gay chat tonight, where?
2: On GTFO!
by UserFromGTFO September 04, 2012

Used as a command, usage is generally restricted to writing as the acronym doesn't lend itself to pronunciation. May also be used without modification in the past tense with the "G" representing "Gotten."
Austin, GTFOS! You haven't GTFOS for three months!
by _._._._ April 06, 2011
Get The Fuck Out Skank
Me: bitch gtfos
Skank: oky v.v
by LuckyxS15 April 04, 2011
Get the fuck out.
why are you even here? gtfo
by ehngland July 14, 2013
Great time for opportunity
We should really take advantage of that training. It's a GTFO
by corporate_troll March 27, 2012
GTFO = Get The Fuck Off
Guy1: Hey you!

Guy2: GTFO

Guy1: What is GTFO???

Guy2: Get The Fuck Off

Guy1: WTF!!???
by M.Hz August 21, 2011

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