The ultimate rule of survival.
If you can run, drive or fly you can GTFO
Ken: there is about to be huge hurricane in our surrounding area.

you: well lets GTFO!!!!!!
by corrvo21 April 21, 2011
An acronym meaning "Great Time For Oral".
To be texted/emailed/instant messaged whenever in need of someone to perform oral sex.
girl- "I got my braces off!"
guy-"what a GTFO!"
by Pokemondude595 February 16, 2010

A command telling someone to "Get the fan on" , not to be confused with "Get the fuck out" although, it may have the same acronym, its safe to say someone is telling you to "get the fan on" when they say GTFO to you.
Ryan : Wow, it sure is hot in here...
Ryan : What?
Wesley : Get the fan on!
Ryan : oh..... kay.
by Steelste February 13, 2008
"Get the fuck off"
commonly understood as "get the fuck out" which was someones misinterpretation along the way.
gtfo u stupid cat.
by thelordoursavior July 21, 2008
When it comes down to it,your decision is tits or gtfo-ing.
"What up girl, I said Tits or GTFO"
by Anonymous Yo May 16, 2007
Great Tacos Felantaies Online

Spin-off term of Get The Fuck Out used when asked by a teacher what GTFO means.
Chris: GTFO..... NOW!!!!

Teach: Chris what does that mean?

Chris: Great Tacos Felantaies Online
by NateD. March 06, 2008

commonly confused with "get the fuck out."
actually means, "get the fuck off."

man' why ya gotta be all up on me gtfo! and stfu!
by kamel_reds March 25, 2008
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