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Used to describe a guy who is dressed nicely, very sleek, or very sexy to the ladies.

The term comes form the men's fashion magazine named GQ.
Damn nigga, you all GQued up 2nite, huh?
by Joshiro007 March 02, 2003
Stands for Gentlemen Quarterly. It's a great magazine.
Nick Buckley won Mr GQ 2004 at Casa Grande. He is fucking fine!
by I heart Nick Buckley March 31, 2004
Used to describe a guy who is dressed nicely, very sleek, or very sexy to the ladies.
Damn, Steven is so GQ.
by --Unknown-- April 26, 2007
smooth, sleek, suave, sexy, dressed nice, turn da ladies on jus by winkin... EXAMPLE: JAMES BOND.. sorta... u get da idea tho rite?

can b used as a noun or a verb..
mang.. u so damn GQ...
by tom July 20, 2004
Just like the magazine photo shoots, very classy and slick.
GQ something different.
by KylieMarie February 27, 2006
stands for Gentlemen Quarterly and is popular magazine for men
Lets go read GQ o yeaaaaaaa
by fag May 05, 2003
G. Q. is acronym meaning Gentlemen’s Quarterly, which is a magazine that gives tips about men’s lifestyle. The term G. Q. refers to a man that resembles the ideal male Gentlemen’s Quarterly tries to portray. This is typically a well dressed and well mannered gentleman, who get's a lot of women because he is such a gentleman.
-Max: Did you see the way Mary was eating right out of John's hand? He did so many gentlemanly things that night, from getting a chair for her, to putting his coat down on a puddle so she wouldn't have to step in the water.
-Alex: Man what a G. Q., I would never do that for my girl.
-Max: What girl? And you wonder why you are single.
by FancyPants2009 November 26, 2009
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