Good Question
Student: Why is the Sky blue?
Teacher: *Gives Answer* GQ
by blind8925 July 13, 2012
good question. lower case. not GQ.
"Why did he do that?"
by Benx24 May 20, 2009
The real meaning of the acronym G.Q. is Generally Queer. Many people believe that it means Gentlemen's Quarterly, but it doesn't. As most men photographed for the magazine are queers and the only readers gulliable, vapid and vain enough to believe the nonsense printed with in it's covers are queers then it follows that G.Q. means "generally queer". Many queers without the testicular fortitude to go into a porn shop and buy real gay porn, rub one out to the fake and fancy fags that adorn it's pages.

Can be used to describe any person, groups of persons or places as "generally queer".
Joe: Hey Frank, we should check out that new club called the "White Swallow".
Frank: Fuck no, that place is G.Q....a total stool pusher's paradise.

Bill: Hey Tom, Let's join the Glee Club.
Tom: Fuck no that group is G.Q. Bunch of Nancy boys.
by BigBlackBlick July 16, 2010
An inconspicuous way to insult a guys desperate game or stalker-like behaviour with women. The fuckwit takes it as a compliment, but in this case GQ stands for Glen Quagmire.
Kyle is all over Jennifer tonight, he is so GQ.
by joestate November 15, 2007
Gay Queer Magazine.

A magazine where you pay 5.99 for a huge packet of ads.
Person 1: Sal reads GQ Magazine.
Person 2: Oh wow, that must be why he bought that purple label tie.
Person 1: Thats so gay. And queer.
Person 3: Where are the cocks?
by Cyrol April 22, 2007
Gender-Queer. Also the name of a men's magazine for those males who feel they are women trapped in a man's body
Nice hand-bag, dude. VERY GQ!
by JonAndSteve June 20, 2015

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