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A giffy is a cute giraffe. This does not include claves. When they become full grown, they may become a giffy.
by Rldgjldsas November 12, 2010
Acronym for "Gay in Five Fucking Years." Used to describe a young man who claims to be straight but acts otherwise, and finally comes out of the closet years later. Famous examples include Neil Patrick Harris and Lance Bass.
Gay 1: John is totally hot, but he says he's straight.
Gay 2: Yeah, right! Trust me, that boy is a total GIFFY.
by SkittlesJC May 25, 2007
"Girl I'd Fuck in Five Years".. For those girls in their mid teens that you can tell will be amazing once LEGAL!
That lady's daughter is definitely a GIFFY...
by Matty Hamilton July 01, 2009
Like a wifey. But a girlfriend instead of wife.

ie. OWNED (and damm good at it)
I aim to be a stepford giffy
by Beezleberry2 March 06, 2007
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