Acronym for: God Damn Fucking Shit
Girl : I'm pregnant!
Guy: GDFS...
by dddddmmmmm May 09, 2010
Top Definition
A group of selected individuals collectively dedicated with the idealism of family, community, freedom, love, risk taking, most importantly, music. People that have broken free from the materialistic judgmental world to tour around the world with other like minded individuals sharing the belief of love helping out their fellow brothers and sisters. Often selling cheap food, clothes, jewelry, rocks and other nick knacks to live in a free enterprise economy and to support themselves throughout the year. an underground community that serve everyone taking on the responsibilities of each member as a whole and making sure that everyone is taken care of, striving to live a life that is righteous and free. Often people will claim GDF and will not be, but these people are always eventually found out about.
When you get there, GDF will pick you up and take care of you.
by G.D.F. September 04, 2008
a bunch of self-righteous posers who roll around in patchwork (still...) trying to convince others to buy a "rock on a string" for $10 (or 2 for $25) so they can have enough gas $$ to get to the next ratdog tour stop, where they will proceed to eat as much L as they can buy, while forming several unrelated drum circles... which inevitably converge to become 1 big loud smelly gathering of malnourished sketchballs who feel the need to beat incessantly on djembes, tombas, bongos & other assorted african hand instruments until the police force them out of the lot 2 days later. at this point, you will probably hear something about one of them needing money to get their friend "Rain" out of jail, because of some trumped-up coke trafficing charge & how he/she was just minding their own business at the time. They will also need a ride to said "jail", where, upon arrival they will generously pay you in owl feathers for your trouble, while asking for cigarettes "for the road". After, you should check your car seats for a gatorade bottle filled with piss or perhaps a used tampon tucked snugly behind the driver seat in that map-pocket-looking thingy.
"Dude, some GDF kid tried to sell me bunk molly at the ratdog show, then I saw him a few hours after the show outside a 7-11 with his smelly dog trying to get spare change and a ride to the next show"
by basis4aday October 06, 2007
Gluten Death Flu.

All illness is due to the consumption of gluten. When a particularly nasty variant takes hold of an individual or group of individuals, they are said to have the Gluten Death Flu, or GDF.
I've felt like death for the last three days. I must have GDF cause I want to die I feel so bad.
by The Real DNK October 04, 2013
Get drunk, fuck sluts
Tonights gonna be wild. GDFS!
by qwertytrewqwerty September 30, 2008
In the union world this refers to someone who is a rat, on has nonunion tendencies. This person usually hails from the south or west Virginia Area.
Lamont :Why did you work through lunch and not get paid for it?

Greg:I wanted to impress the boss.

Lamont:you really gdf'ed up! You douche bag
by Njnja please December 19, 2011
"Goddamnfuckin", mainly used in incoherient outbursts when angerd or to add more feeling to a sentence, the suffex is interchangable with many words. Such as homo from the latin root homo, meaning to go both ways, or the american deffinition, faggot.
You goddamnfucking homo!
I cant belive this goddamnfucking shit!
That is one nice goddamnfuckingawesome sweater.
or you can abriviate it
You GDF homo!
by Mkwojo December 18, 2009
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