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a bunch of self-righteous posers who roll around in patchwork (still...) trying to convince others to buy a "rock on a string" for $10 (or 2 for $25) so they can have enough gas $$ to get to the next ratdog tour stop, where they will proceed to eat as much L as they can buy, while forming several unrelated drum circles... which inevitably converge to become 1 big loud smelly gathering of malnourished sketchballs who feel the need to beat incessantly on djembes, tombas, bongos & other assorted african hand instruments until the police force them out of the lot 2 days later. at this point, you will probably hear something about one of them needing money to get their friend "Rain" out of jail, because of some trumped-up coke trafficing charge & how he/she was just minding their own business at the time. They will also need a ride to said "jail", where, upon arrival they will generously pay you in owl feathers for your trouble, while asking for cigarettes "for the road". After, you should check your car seats for a gatorade bottle filled with piss or perhaps a used tampon tucked snugly behind the driver seat in that map-pocket-looking thingy.
"Dude, some GDF kid tried to sell me bunk molly at the ratdog show, then I saw him a few hours after the show outside a 7-11 with his smelly dog trying to get spare change and a ride to the next show"
by basis4aday October 06, 2007
the act of taking stoney bartholomew bug outside to the grass on 41st street so he can use his excreteory system. usually performed by Britany or Calvin 3 to 4 times a day
"Calvin, you're on bug duty tonite! I'm cooking. You also had better wash the dishes. I need juice."
by basis4aday October 06, 2007
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