In your finest urban gangsta appearal complete wit matchin strap, face cover, and couple of real ass dudes at your side; ready for war or the club, its whatever; so clean its intimidating, what the fuck are you looking at me? You see me!
Yo, dem boys g'd up! Not to be fucked with!
by TheDonVito February 17, 2010
slang way to say "good"..using on msn or on internet
jonny:hey gorl how r u?
michelle:kinda gd and ya?
jonny:im gd
by michelle7 March 30, 2008
GD comes from the Greek words Geloun Dinata, which mean Laugh out Loud, so GD is Greece's answer to LOL!
George: Knock Knock
Kon: Who's their?
George: Boo
Kon: Boo Who?
George: Don't cry, it's only a joke, GD
Kon: GD GD GD that is a good on re!
by Yianni Cart October 08, 2010
An abbreviation for the term "Grimy Dawg." This phrase is most commonly used in the restaurant business to refer to any customer who is rude, obnoxious, needy, asks to sit in a "boof" (booth), asks "what kinna juice u got?", and/or does not tip well.
Diego: "Yo man, that table ran me around all night long and left me $4 on a $90 tab..."

Tim: "What a bunch of GD's!"
by YSBgal June 20, 2010
To be excited/hyped/pumped/ready for something or someone.
1. Im so G'd for the party tonight

2. We were G'd up to see the band
by Gabi G August 15, 2007
to get something stole from you
If billy stole marks cd player, yo you just got g'd
by j klick October 23, 2005
An emoticon that represents Yahweh, the god of the Abrahamic faiths. The "G" is his head with a halo around it. The "D" is him sticking his tongue out at all humanity, because he intends to throw us all into hell.
Earth, this is Yahweh speaking. The reason for all your confusion is that I deliberately made my message of salvation unclear. I like suffering, and I look forward to the end, when I can burn you all! G-D
by GreatBigBore March 17, 2010
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