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a.k.a. "Gross Dootsie Syndrome" - directly translates to "That time of the month" in females. In other words the period of menstruation.
I wanted to make out with Lizzie, but she had total GDS, so I had to settle for a bee-jer.
by M-Pony October 15, 2007
A nice way of referring to the female genitalia. A vagina.
Man, did you see that girl's dootsie? She had a total camel toe!
by M-Pony September 22, 2007
A true statement about the female gender of the species "Homo Sapiens" of the kingdom "Anamalia", class "Mamalia" and family "Hominidae". The statement is especially observed during a particular week of of every month, when said gender of the species undergoes a period often referred to as "GDS" or "Gross Dootsie Syndrome".
4nd grade teacher: "During this time, women excrete a large amount of period blood and other gross stuff."
kid: "Girls are yucky!"
by M-Pony March 09, 2009
To kill oneself, usually by blowing one's brains out.
Don't Quarando yourself, FT!
by M-Pony June 28, 2007

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