It can either be said as GD (Gee Dee) or God Damn! It's best used when you're in a public place and witness some attractive women walking by and have to appreciate her with your friends.
1.) Whoa Matt! Check out that GD at the Red Box!

2.) God damn check out the ass on that GD in isle 11!
by jewfrog August 20, 2011
To get tricked or fucked over.
By checking this definition you got G'd by Andrew Duncan because you saw it as his status.
Colin Rose: Tom you suck
T finz: No colin, No
Jordan,Rufus,Andrew: G'DDDD
by dunksssssssss November 28, 2009
To get fooled.
Kara just G'd me.
by autobots747 September 01, 2010
God Damn
M.Leezie needs to get on my level... GD!
by Dgaf Queen November 10, 2009

1) To be dressed like a G
2) To steal something
1) He's all G'd out lookin fly
2) Yo im bout to go G that gucci belt
by Killa Kim in her Kabotchi October 01, 2006
to be dressed like a gangster
look at that skinny white boy, all G'd out.
by Lee Cody September 04, 2005
Gender Disappointment. It's when you hope to have a baby of one gender and worry about ending up a baby of the opposite gender.
I had GD really badly with my first pregnancy.
by lady12341234 January 30, 2015

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