For Cookie G.D stands for girl dog...So it means Bitch.
"Dude she totally took your candy"
"THAT G.D BETTER GET THE FHRICK OVER HERE BEFORE SHE HAS TO MOW MY LAWN!" (the lawn has a lot of candy wrappers)
by Kemekochan May 17, 2011
ginger dyke
That girl is such a fucking G.D...not only is her hair red but she talks shit about everyone!

Someone needs to get that G.D laid!
by GDH8er January 27, 2010
Acronym for "God damn." Can be used to compliment either a man, a woman, a group of men, or a group of women.
Guy 1: "Bro, look at that girl's ass!"
Guy 2: "Which girl?"
Guy 1: "The one in the pink shorts."
Guy 2: "GD!"
by swishbish21 April 28, 2014
Polite way of saying "goddamn]"
Sookie: I'm sorry Arlene, I had a rough night.
Arlene: Well guess what, missy hangover? That ain't my gd problem!
by zzussammen June 28, 2013
Go DIE!!!
Hater: I just took out my 1JZ and put a 2JZ in my supra.. Loss of traction sideways movement!!!
Cabb: GD
by bootleg_left November 14, 2010
The "General Discussion" on the site "Gaia Online". In the GD, although most GDers might deny it, prominince is God. The most frequest discussion topics in the GD are: Prominince, "N00bs", and "Buttseckz".
"I just joined Gaia Online, but a friend warned me to steer clear of the GD until I knew the ropes."
by Amanda W June 07, 2005
Go Die.

When your really pissed off at someone and you want them to disappear.
Eric: gd.?

by Victreee March 19, 2009

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