fag spelled backwords only used by the street thugs in the ghetto of weston
Nick Scarpetta was being a GAF when he whipped out his CHODE and started to fart with it in front of his EGG-TITI sister.
by David Ochoa June 19, 2003
1. Another word for shit or fuck. Used when someone has done something stupid or as a comeback or as a general insult
"Go gaf yourself, bitch."

Ted: "Yo mama is so fat, the last time she saw 90210 was on the bathroom scale."
Bob: "GAF"
by PotatoChip May 17, 2003
it means you're a fucker
GAS but with an F
by kc March 09, 2003
fag backwards
dude, that lemon tree smells rank!
by joe-the-person-not-called-joe February 18, 2003
A male whose sexual orientation is hetero, however, due to the way he dresses/acts/presents himself, should be or might as well actually be homosexual

One who pops his collar on a freakishly regular basis
Man, put you damn collar down, you gaf!

when is that gaf gonna come out of the closet?
by eelrettas August 16, 2006
Another word for Fag, except ovbiously it is reversed, can be used on anyone you take as Fag or Homosexual.
Hey That Emo Kid is a Meecrob Eating GAF

by Meecrob Slayer March 06, 2006
Gay As Fuck
Man, stevo is GAF
by Steve_likes_the_wang November 12, 2003

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