Top Definition
Weird and duck-like
Lynn's laugh is so gaffy!
by lwefj December 23, 2010
gay plus fag plus pussy put together makes up gaffy.

gay+fag +pussy=Gaffy
fuck u man,ur a gaffy!
by Jorge1992 September 23, 2007
A kl word like safe, used no stop by people until it become un kewl.
Christopher: is that Tn's gaffy
Jenny: Yer well gaffy
by Christopher Mynott April 24, 2007
to get clubbed with a "gaffy stick", which is the same as a club
I'm gonna gaffy you if you dont watch out!

He got gaffied like a little bitch.

I'll get my gaffy stick so we can go gaffy some folks up.
by velkyn November 30, 2003
A homosexual, slang.
"That fucking gaffy!"
by Mladen S March 04, 2007
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