In order for stupid guys to not know what we are talking about me and my friends made up the word gaf. It originally stood for "gay fag" but someone bought it to my attention that then that would be "gafa". so ive decided that its just fag spelled backwards =]
Susan: look at that guy over there in those tight ass jeans! They look like his little sisters!
Laura: I know! he is SUCH a gaf.
#gay #fruity #emo #weird #bitchy guys
by gaflover92393 April 16, 2008
A friend's house or flat. Similar to a pad
I'm just heading over to Rob's gaf.
by Fred Wallenger October 28, 2004
Give a fuck
lol dude. I don't gaf about her
#her #him #gaf #fuck #not duck
by Guess who doesn't gaf April 26, 2015
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