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Derriving from the Latin word Yoooo! and Coo-koo!.
A bird call from one homie to another.
Jimmy is standing outside of Ken's apartment building.
Jimmy: Yerrrrr!
Ken acknowledges Jimmy's arrival and responds: Yerrrr!
Jimmy is now aware that Ken will be right out.
by Juan R. Aguirre July 24, 2006
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a greeting, or another way to get someone's attention(like saying "ay")
Suppose you wanna nextel chirp yo lil homie right quick u jus say "yerr" and then they respond or u see yo friend on tha other side of the mall u jus say "yerr" really loud and you'll be sure to get a responce
by Brittany♥ December 26, 2007
A word started in New York, meaning "yes" in a more of a nerdy way.
Haha yerr,you already snoeezz!
by Mz K October 03, 2010
Yerr is also used in the West Country UK, as a precursor to a sentence or a general greeting.
"Yerr, wasson?" would be equivalent to " Hi, whats going on?"
by Robbo September 23, 2007

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