slang: its fag backwards and means pretty much the same name. it is also an acronym for gay ass fucker.
Your a fucken gaf.
Man that guy is a gaf.
what up gaffy.
by lil kraka July 16, 2005
A website devoted to video games.
I love spamming on GAF.
by FamicomFanboy April 09, 2005
fag backwards; used so no one will know what your talking about.
yo that is the biggest gaf in the world
by lik'ems February 28, 2005
gay anal fuck. comes from internet. first spoken on warcraft three
you and your boy friend are probibly gafs. (OR) you stupid gaf
by cameron August 01, 2004
Where I'm from gaf is to take something steal it
"Yo go gaf that shit over there"
by Peachez June 09, 2004
Happy Cool Person
you are a GAF
by Anonymous October 30, 2003
Gay and fag mixed to form the ultimate homosexual insulte
Look at this gaf on sunset.
Your a fucking gaf luis.
by fuck_themBitches September 02, 2003

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