something you can say and you want to in place of any other word.
"you gaf."
"oh my gaf."
"your such a gaf."
"gaf off."
"what the gaf."
"oh my gaf denise is such a gaf"
by cassidy maples March 29, 2008
internet lingo for gay as fuck.
on msn:
Hey whuts up buddy ?

nothing much my day was gaf.
by det.und March 11, 2009
A Gaf is a person that annoys another person. A gaf is not only one kind of person it can be anyone that just bugs another it is also used as a slang amoung friends almost like "you are weird".
A guy walked up to me and called me ugly - I would call him a Gaf.
by Satsu&Marina February 25, 2009
Gay as fuck, if you spell it backwards it spells Fag
"Man your such a!! *Tripped on a rock* GAF!!!!"
by Zugaikotsu January 03, 2007
give a fuck factor, a measure of how much one wants to be at work. correlates to the time one wants to leave work.
i have a gaf of 2. (i.e., i gotta get outta here, i'm leaving by 2pm)
by yoda August 08, 2003
Acronym for "Grunge-As-Fuck"
Various items of clothing can be referred to as GAF. Some of these include Check shirts, Aviators, Chuck Taylor Hi-tops, and Wooly Beanies with Pom-poms hanging from the top, and two ears.
People that refer to themselves as GAF must be beaten unless they regularly wear 3 of these simultaneously.
Also popular with those of the GAF, is listening to the musical stylings of grunge bands such as Nirvana, doing a good ol' Hoedown, hunting Orc, and going for a fish.
*You see some dude walking past with aviators, chucks, a check shirt and a nirvana bumbag*
"Holey shit that's GAF"
you may only get away with saying "GAF-as-fuck" if you are severely intoxicated.
by Benjiman-Skullfuck September 25, 2008
Dude look at those gafs! Their making out is nasty!
by penny the supertramp July 10, 2008

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