Gay as Fuck!
"Did you see the new kid?"
"yeah kuh, he's GAF!"
by tangmasteryolo May 27, 2014
Fag spelled backwards. A stealthy way of using an offensive term against homosexuals, annoying people, friends, teachers ,etc.
"Shut the fuck up stupid gaf."
"You look like a gaf with those pants"
by Cockeyed Timmy December 31, 2011
House or Home,
I'm in me Gaf,
Theres a party in joes Gaf tommorow.
by Carl Furlong November 09, 2003
Gaf (v) - to preform any sexual act, in any given matter.
Yo, dawg, Sarah just gave me the best gafjob ever.

Mike really gaffed me good last night.

I'm lonely, so I drew a mouth on a watermelon and it gaffed me all night.

My mom caught me gaffing to gay porn.
by lawlerface April 01, 2010
Secret way to say fag so people don't give you dirt looks.
"that sweater makes you look like a gaf."
by F***ing_Baller July 24, 2009
One who is well known for sucking huge ammounts of cock. Also this person may dabble in the art of midget fucking.
Why is this gaf talking to me, shouldn't he be somewhere gagging on some dick.
by ESCALAD3 June 30, 2007
"GAF" stands for Grade-Above-Factor. When a girl goes out with a boy from a higher grade.
That girl is a GAF. She's only a freshman and she's going out with a Junior.
by Fuck the Bitches Get the Money December 13, 2009

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