1. fag spelled backwards, meaning gay as fuck. the epitome of someone (homo or hetero) who is acting like a fag/homosexual.
2. of, pertaining to, or exhibiting extreme homosexuality.
3. Less offensive than fag or gay. Used in places like WeHo or other areas with a high population of homosexuals, so no one gets offended.

1. a very homosexual person.
1. yo woodz why are you so gaf? stop trying to grab my ass!

2. dude ktsui is so fucken nub and gaf, he totally just checked that guy out at the bar.
by gafness616 August 27, 2010
Adjective: Used to describe someone who is "goth As Fuck"

IE: someone who has totally overdone the goth look and is intensely involved in the goth subculture.
Did you see those two old guys with the white faces, vampire cloaks, and skull belts, smoking clove cigarettes hanging out over there by the local 80's club? They were totally "gaf!"
by Lord Xevex September 16, 2009
Gay as Fuck!
"Did you see the new kid?"
"yeah kuh, he's GAF!"
by tangmasteryolo May 27, 2014
Fag spelled backwards. A stealthy way of using an offensive term against homosexuals, annoying people, friends, teachers ,etc.
"Shut the fuck up stupid gaf."
"You look like a gaf with those pants"
by Cockeyed Timmy December 31, 2011
Boston Slang word for stealin something
Yo im bout to gaf dat bike
by Stizz September 22, 2007
Fag spelt backwords. Used as an insult directed at hetrosexuals & Losers.
Shut the Hell up Gaf!
What the Gaf...
Fucken Hell we're surrounded by a bunch of Gafs.
I hate Gafs.
by Matik777 November 02, 2006
Give A Fuck! used to mean "dont care"
Shes fuckin nasty!
GAF i'd still fuck it
by richard March 07, 2005

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