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Girls or Boys who crave, live, and thrive for attention. They dont care if they hurt others so long as they get what they want. Hates be alone. Always has to talk to someone or be with soemone. Attention Whores useually lie alot. Attention Whores are useually whores who Scene Fuck and hook up with people for more attention. They are very fake people who are sometimes very pretty but also uber concited. Most people dislike Attention Whores.
Jessie is such an Attention Whore. She Scene Fucks everyone
its disgusting.
by Lorixcore116 September 19, 2007
A Joner is also known as a retard or a tard which ever u like best =)
Ugh Nick your sucha Joner.
by Lorixcore116 September 19, 2007
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