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A name used to refer to a person that has been awake for several days or more under the effects of methamphetamine. A state of being that is somewhat zombie like.
Dude, take a look at that "crankenstien" walking down the street, I think its way past her bed time.
by MerryChrismeth April 24, 2010
The motions a Meth Head would use when trying to stand still. This dance is purely unintentional by the Meth Head and is usually observed in the check out line in Walmart around 3am. The dance is a seris of flailing arms, fidgeting legs, and spastic jaw movements.
Yo dude, go check out the crankenstien in isle 3, he's really doing a river dance.
by MerryChrismeth April 27, 2010
When a person intraveniously injects meth and the rush is so intense it causes the person to instantly cough. Hense, the coughing is known as the gaff.
Wow, did you hear the "gaff" I got from that load I just did?
by MerryChrismeth April 24, 2010
The presant tense form of the word Gaff. A cough that is uncontrolably released when a person intraveniously injects meth, and is followed by an intense uphoria.
Oh my gawd, (cough) I cant believe how high I am, (cough) Im STILL gaffing, dude.
by MerryChrismeth April 27, 2010
Past tense form of the word gaff; the uncontrolled cough exibited by a meth user directly following intravenious injection.
After shooting up the dope I scored upstairs last night I immeadiately "gaffed" and experianced a very intense euphoria.
by MerryChrismeth April 24, 2010

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