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military term for information, kinda like the 411.
Give me the G-2 on this operation Sarge!
by Anonymous October 27, 2003
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In depth information about any person or thing;
An intelligence report.
What's the G2 on the new account?
by Willbo October 07, 2005
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Private jet, also known as the Gulfstream 200 corporate jet.
"...but you ain't hangin' out the window when you in that G2/
Or that G3 or G4 like we do..."

-Pharrell Williams
from the Clipse song "Mr. Me Too"
by Percy Sugarwillows June 22, 2006
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The gathering of information, intelligence, rumors, speculation, etc. about a company/person/hot nightspot/spouse suspected of cheating, etc.
Derived from the military designation for Intelligence Corps.
"Gonna go over to our competitors and do a little G-2."
by Anton October 01, 2003
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Text-speak for "going to". Often asked after one suggests a course of action.
1: "I'm going to have to double space my essay. are you g2?"
2: "Nah, I already have most of my essay done."
by pointman23 August 21, 2009
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The term is unspoken. Disclosing the real definition of G2 would serve equal punishment as bank fraud, murder, and or date rape. So... We can't really say. However there are 7 major rules of G2. 1st rule, you do not talk about G2. 2nd rule, you do not talk about G2. 3rd rule, always refer to G2 as G2. 4th rule, there is no exception to the 3rd rule. 5th rule, do not disclose info of G2 to anyone. 6th rule, don't tell G2. 7th rule and final rule of G2, elections are held and majority rules on decisions as to who knows about G@. Screening might be necessary.
I see you reading this G2. We're always watching you G2. G2....I see you.
by G24U October 31, 2010
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Other words for got too or go too.
Dude1: hey dude I g2 (got too) eat
Dude2: yeah sure, I g2 (go too) to bed soon
by Tommy Fire Wire April 25, 2005
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