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A pair of wicked rappers from Virginia, who go by the names Malice and Pusha T. (who is also called Terrar)

They do a lot of joints with N*E*R*D, particularly with that guy Pharrell.
Fast to predict the outcome of my fate,
wonderin' 'bout Clipse and if they got what it take

- Malice
by Zenhachirou May 05, 2003
the tightest group there is out there. these niggas got skills. work with Baby AKA #1 Stunna and Pherrell
Damn Clipse is a good ass group.
by Gangsta June 24, 2003
krunkest rap group
The Clipse be going off on the Lord Willin'.
by *Wonderboy Marvel* June 18, 2003
The talented rap duo of Malice and Pusha T; recently whored out to McDonald's for that corporation's "I'm Lovin' It" ad campaign.

Street credibility: zero.
by JP October 10, 2003
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