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2 definitions by ShubDogg

G Unit=Unit for Gravity
1 G Unit=9.8 m/s/s
Made up in the ghetto streets of harlem.
That definition will cost 50 cent, urbandictionary.com
I'll take that shit to the Banks, hell i might even buy a gun and shoot a Young Buck.
Wow The Moon has 1/6 G Units.
Holla gangsta, you know that shiznit?
Yo yo Ya Yo.
by ShubDogg January 27, 2004
Indian Language (i forgot which one out of the 50+) word for black guy. Used instead of the N word so they won't get mad after they rob our convienence store and shoot us.
"Damn this kalu is entering my store. What is this? Damn kalu, trying to get a free slurpie, i'll show him."

"Excuse me, u kalu, you didn't pay your taxi fare."
Kalu says: What did you call me?
"I called you a kalu, you know friend and faithful customer, please don't hurt me."
by ShubDogg January 20, 2004