a rap group so terrible, satan refuses to take them back into hell. everytime i am forced to listen to them, my soul is utterly destried
g-g-g-g unit

by jesus_christ August 18, 2005
the most slickly marked bunch of sellouts in the music business. the g-unit sold 50 trillion copies of their records to fans that bought it cause of slick marketing techniques. the g unit is a record label success story because they whored themselves at every turn. thanks g unit for selling out the business
50 cent quote - "Ill go on tv, ill continue making music, ill do whatever, as long as they're paying me." Sellout!!!!
by aaron and pat April 16, 2005
A Group consisting of half a buck (50 cent), a young dollar (young buck), a bank (lloyd banks) and cocaine (tony yayo).
A bank containing half a buck, a young dollar and cocaine = G Unit.
by paragonik January 05, 2006
Group of rappers organized together by 50 Cent.
G-unit are a bunch of poseurs
by Ben Hickey June 25, 2005
n. Musical group: A rap group hailing from Queens, New York composed of founding members 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo, and mixtape DJ DJ Whoo Kid. While Tony Yayo was in prison, Young Buck, formerly of the UTP clique ran by Juvenile and Cash Money Records was picked as a replacement. 50 Cent enjoyed underground success with the release of such albums as Power of the Dollar, launching wild disses at fellow rappers including Ja Rule (on I Smell Pussy and Back Down) and launching his all-dissing single, How To Rob, featuring The Madd Rapper , and G-Unit released one of their first mixtape compilations through Whoo Kid and DJ Clue entitled "50 Cent Is The Future/G-Unit is the future", featuring bangers like Banks Workout and a sample of Hit The Road. Their trademark cry of G-g-g-g-G-unit became a universal form of slang throughout their years and was adopted by everyone from hardcore street criminals to suburban white kids driving their mothers Lexus.

After the release of their first official album, Young Buck was added to the roster full time, and all of the members released solo albums in the following years (Lloyd Banks' Hunger For More, Young Buck's Straight Outta Cashville, and Tony Yayo's Thoughts of a predicate felon).

Game, or The Game, aka Jayceon Taylor, was added to the Aftermath/G-Unit/Shady Records label ran by Dr.Dre during the mixtape run of mid 2004 to early 2005, in which a dispute was launched with 50 Cent and Game involving credit for album writing over his multi-platinum smash The Documentary and the song How We Do. A confrontation outside New York radio station Hot 97 resulted in a shooting, which escalated the beef between 50 and Game, putting an end to the previous Murder Inc beef between 50 Cent and Ja Rule/Irv Gotti. In the interview, 50 claims that he was solely responsible for the writing credits and the success of The Documentary, which aggravated Game and caused him to form his own label, Black Wall Street, and to write songs such as 300 Bars and the album/mixtape/DVD Stop Snitchin' Stop Lyin'. As of date, 50 Cent has signed 5 new artists/groups to his G-Unit imprint, including Mobb Deep, Ma$e, Olivia, M.O.P., and Spider Loc. However, no members of G-Unit appear in 50's movie, Get Rich Or Die Tryin'.

The release date for the next G-Unit album has not been set as of date.
1. General use: Hey man, have you heard the new G-Unit?

2. Battle cry: G-g-g-g-g-G-Unit!!

3. Modified usage: G-Unot, created by Game: G-g-g-g-g-G-UNOT!
by Craig B. December 30, 2005
A musical group, Guerilla Unit with the following members: 50 Cent Llyod Banks Young Buck, Tony Yayo and Olivia
Hate it or love it the underdogs on top, and I'm gonna shine homie till my heart stops...
by xxMasterChad March 19, 2005
G-Unit is a poor excuse for rap music.
Whoever said they were the best rap group on def. number 1 obviously doesn't know or understand what rap is.
This "rap" group is lead by 50 Cent.
A man who repeatedly wants to tell us he got shot 9 times (when what he really needs to do is quit acting like a wannabe G and take care of his fucking kid.)Other members consist of Tony Yayo who wants to tell us his very hard life in prison, and how this girl is so seductive when she was dancing on him, the way she was moving it was making him horny. <These are some of the lyrics to the new G-Unit/Tony Yayo song "So Seductive."
Whoever in the fuck calls this song rap is retarded.Then we have some decent members such as Lloyd Banks, who is (THANK GOD) a non-fake.Game was also part of G-Unit once but he realized how shitty and fake and non-rap G-Unit was.
See fake
p1: Ohhh dude did you hear the new G-Unit song that shit is poppin'!
p2<who really knows what rap is:Man what the fuck are you doing listening to G-Unot? Man your a fake person you need to be fucking slapped and woke up.*slaps P1 with dick*
by The Intelligent August 17, 2005

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