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The best rapper in the world(him and his group) which many white kids are jealous of. Like the ones that actually make fake myspace accounts to critisise him, spending like 20 hours trying to make him look bad. It shows that YOU are the loser, b/c any normal person wouldn't have time to type a 2 long page of shit about him, they would be at the mall with their FRIENDS. What's your guyses problem? If you don't like him, then dont think about him. But you dont KNOW him. You have NO RIGHT to talk shit about him. b/c you only heard his song ONCE. And if you've heard it more than once, it shows that you cant get enough of him. So back off. you guys ARE SO JEALOUS. I cant believe you guys have the time to talk shit about someone that worked hard to get where he is. Stupid whores. Especially that one on the bottom thats like 1/2 a page long. What's your problem? If you dont like an employee that works at wal*mart, you dont go and talk shit about them on "urban dictionary" you guys are so jealous. Its actually pretty sad that you have the time to talk shit about someone on urban dictionary.
dumb-ass: G-UNIT is SO gay
dinner whore: your totally jealous
dumb-ass: no im not
dinner whore: um...yes you are
dumb-ass: you know what?
dinner-whore: what
dumb-ass: ok. ya i am. but im a gaywad and i have no friends so i have time to go to urban ditionary and talk shit about every person i dont like.
by G-UNIT FAN November 12, 2006
A sik ass group
they better than dat bitch ass fuckers ja rule and gotti and the dick sucker murder inc
by North End Murdera December 06, 2003
G-unit stands for...

G - gash!

U - useless
N - nasty
I - insolent
T - twats

The rap-band consists of:
1.50 cent (thats all hes worth)
2.tuna mayo (goes by the name tony yayo)
3.young buck (never guna grow up)
4.lloyds tsb banks (looks like a horse)

thats about it
they cannot sing
the end!!
5 year old school kid with 10 bomberjackets on to make his 'guns' look big. o yer, gotta be black

dont forget hes got boo-boo-be-gone painted all over his shoes to make them o-so pearlescently white

gay!g unit scum
by dave1234567 September 19, 2006
1. A measure of gravity
2. A group of (wannabe gangstas)negroes who shout out their name with explosive force at random times to promote theirselves like prostutes or women.
3.Gorilla Unit-A group of people (usually negroes)who have the brain capacity as an angry gorilla during "the season"
1.The moon has 1/6 G unit
2.Interviewer"So i hear that yuor new ablum the massacre is gonna.." 50 cent peice "GGGGGG UNIT!!!! Sorry i had to let that out"
3. The gorilla unit in afghanistan killed an american soldier today.
by Loyded Buck Shoot 9 April 11, 2005
A horrible rap group
Fake rhymes about nothing
by Dmodex March 09, 2005
Garbage Unit. They are the people who come (usually on Sundays) to puck the trash up out of your yard. They get payed mad dough though, so lookout!
The G-unit came by earlier and got the trash, although they looked so gay I may as well have killed them with a stray bullet.
by Brandon Bizlatch March 07, 2005
actually stands for gorilla unit NOT guerilla unit because "fiddy" think hes clever when in reality he is a media whore who gets a very small percentage of the money his music and overpriced clothing is making because hes too dumb to read contracts before he signs them and therefore gets screwed
white educated lawyer:hey fiddy sign this legal waiver joint here and all the biznatches will think you're fly
fiddy:yeye fo sho g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g...
white educated lawyer: stop that
fiddy: sorry
by the angry mexican December 02, 2004
what some people may define as being cool, i define as just meaning, 'gay unit'
what a shitty name
by t0m3x May 23, 2004