it is a more humerus way of saying, "fair enough"
"i cant run around playing soccer because my leg is sore"

"furry muff"
by sanks17 December 13, 2009
Top Definition
Furry Muff= Fair Enough

say when something is ok or 'alright'!
Dude1- what a night, i partied like a little demonic party thing!!

Dude2- Furry Muff!
by Hairy McDude January 08, 2004
another way of saying fair enough.
2 friends having a general conversation in the urinals.

male 1: "I think I'll head off after this, I'm hanging!"

male 2: "Furrymuff, mate"
by Chris Mashamper October 01, 2007
"I owe you that tenner, can I pay you five now and five tomorrow?"
"Furry Muff"
by Jooboy July 02, 2003
First spoken by Andrew Goss of Surrey. When said very quickly it can easily be mistaken for "Fair enough". Used to mock people or just to confuse people.
Boy: "Furry muff"
Girl: "..waxed actually"
by leavethisplace July 01, 2003
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