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A person who is a a fucked up muppet. A dunce, a fool, a muppet with extra ability to fuckuppet.
"Bob was a fuppet for believing his woman was innocent"
by Groovy October 21, 2003
A Fuck Puppet. Very Similar To A Booty Call In Regards To A Girl That You Can Always Fuck And Have No Emotional Attachment.
Ed: So Whats Up With You And Jenna?

Nico: That Bitch Just A Fuppet, I Hit That Shit Yesterday.
by Hatchet Ryda April 26, 2008
a stupid loser; a code word for 'jerks'
"I can't believe he did that, he's such a fuppet!"
by the fuppinator March 01, 2005
A person adept at playing life's little games to get what they want. Definately NOT using any sociological imagination.
"That lawyer dresses so sharp, wow, but he's a fuppet"
by spectralux November 17, 2009
Fup running wild.
Fup with a mind of it's own.
Fup so large it can be manipulated from afar.
When she leans over the stairwell, you could use a pole to control her fuppet.
by reggie hammer June 09, 2006
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