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11 definitions by spectralux

It's observed annoying techno savvy slang...
She was talking on her iphone as I approached her to take her drink order, spewing nonsensical jarbage into the phones receiver. "I tweeted him and he just sent me a text back! that fucker!
by spectralux November 15, 2009
No manners, no pleasantries amongst these bar customers, raising monsters in the midst of upper echelon upper white middle class neighborhoods, albeit in cities or suburbs. They use their kids, their and their 1950's proletariat haircuts as scapegoats for their hidden alcoholism.
The bar at Destin Florida was swarming with swormy men wearing quicksilver flips flops abercrombie shorts, oakley sunglasses with their pints of amber coloured 'beer specials of the day' alongside their wives who remained kempt and tidy in their submission.
by spectralux April 03, 2010
It's when after a heavy night of drinking and smoking cigarettes, you have a gross film on your teeth that feel like sweaters...
I woke up and had sweaterteeth on!
by spectralux December 13, 2009
Rough looking gentleman with leathery, weathered skin who has truly "lived life" albeit as a bard, pilot or sailor
Mr. Burroughs shook my hand as much a grizzled veteran of literature as his palid skin would indicate
by spectralux November 22, 2009
An energetic, robust child...who won't shut up
these kids are VIM VAM!
by spectralux November 22, 2009
Angle deceptions are misleading photos taken by oneself disguising any flaws or imperfections, generally used for a profile picture. They improve your 'situation'.
This girl I met appeared really tall online but in person i realized it was merely the angle deceptions
by spectralux July 22, 2011
a wet, unexpected attack on another persons lips...slovenly and sloppy, but could be considered hot...
He ravaged her with his hands and went in for a kiss, moist gumption running from their lips...
by spectralux November 22, 2009