a name for a hockey player being called a hockey player from a another hockey player
Fuckey- being called from another hockey player
by ****** January 09, 2004
Top Definition
Adj. 1) you feel all weird and disoriented. 2) nothing is going ur way. 3) something looks extremely odd.

#1 ex. i feel fuckey today.

#2 ex. Man, today has just been fuckey.

#3 ex. Hey! that painting looks fuckey.
by NaughtyAngel March 21, 2006
An urban way of saying something is fucked up, broken, not working, out of order.
"I tried to call him but his phone was being all fuckey<"
by Rabies* September 09, 2006
A word to express exasperation, frustration
Unable to figure something out "fuckey!"
by MikeySmallz August 19, 2006
A mean person, jerk, a dick, a loser.
"How could you do that? You are a 'fuckey'!"

"That guy is a 'fuckey'"
by Rachblah May 22, 2008
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