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Adj. 1) you feel all weird and disoriented. 2) nothing is going ur way. 3) something looks extremely odd.

#1 ex. i feel fuckey today.

#2 ex. Man, today has just been fuckey.

#3 ex. Hey! that painting looks fuckey.
by NaughtyAngel March 21, 2006
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An urban way of saying something is fucked up, broken, not working, out of order.
"I tried to call him but his phone was being all fuckey<"
by Rabies* September 09, 2006
A word to express exasperation, frustration
Unable to figure something out "fuckey!"
by MikeySmallz August 19, 2006
A mean person, jerk, a dick, a loser.
"How could you do that? You are a 'fuckey'!"

"That guy is a 'fuckey'"
by Rachblah May 22, 2008
a name for a hockey player being called a hockey player from a another hockey player
Fuckey- being called from another hockey player
by ****** January 09, 2004

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