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Person who gains celebrity status soley for sleeping with famous people
A prime example of a "Fuck Star" is Abbi Tittmus or all "Daily Star" skanks.
by The Nine December 27, 2009
An Idiot. The biggest Jerk or a Fucker.
Girl: Gosh, he is such an idiot, I could just kill him.
Girl 2: Leave him alone, he is a fuckstar.
by OnceAWhoreAlwaysAWhore April 23, 2011
The shallow and imaginary status that one gives them self after having intercourse with another person (preferably ending with an orgasm for both parties).

Also check Val Cain song "Fuckstar"
"I gave that girl 3 orgasm's, I'm such a fuckstar."
by Daisy Vegass September 24, 2009
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