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The sweetest, bubbliest, happiest, greenest, girl on earth. She can turn day into night with that beautiful smile of hers. She's gotta booty of a black girl. She has a heart of gold but can sure get an an attitude. Leave her alone in the morning or she just might bite your big toe off. Don't mess with Abbi or she'll tell ya whats up. You know it.
Look at that ass...Shes got an Abbi Ass.

Its getting dark in here, will you turn on the Abbi.
by BKayDub February 10, 2010
The wonderful Welcomer Head on Furcadia, that is always willing to help!

Beautiful and helpful, what more could you want!?
Abbi rawks your sawks, dude!
by Ducky February 15, 2005
A very cute dinosaur. She also likes teddy bears.
That teddy is with abbi.
by moorawr October 13, 2009
A girl who is part dinaRAWR a girl dinoSAUR and has the magical powers to put you under her spell >:] She may seem to act a bit dumb, but she's smarter than you ;]
Nikki and Abbi are sitting down at the movies while Emily walks up to them and starts a conversation.

Emily: wow, you seem so dumb but your so intelligent.
*Emily shows a fake commerical smile :}*
Nikki: yup, she does! She's such a....*pause* Abbi!(:
Abbi: You guys are too kind! Now let's laugh and act like we all said something funny.
*Everybody laughs and stares at the camera giving a thumbs up sign*

:D the end !
by DinaRAWR Queen :} October 14, 2009
An infectious animal from Afghanistan.
"Wow, look at the Abbi! It runs so fast!"
by Sarah November 06, 2003
Abbi is a girl who is super smart, talented and probably the sweetest girl you have ever met. She is really funny, and polite ( most of the time) she is amazing!
If you meet an Abbi she wiasterly your heart
by supersweet16 April 11, 2015
She is hot asf, has the biggest ass around, dtf for dayss
Look at Abbi's ass.
by deeznutz1212 May 13, 2015
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