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Short/abbreviated for "dope ass oriental". This is used for referring to someone who's asian and hella hip and cool.
That party is gonna be full of daos.
by mnihnuht September 25, 2006
A Chinese person who seeks civil rights and freedom in the island neighbor, Taiwan.
All Taiwannabes are welcome in Taiwan.
by mnihnuht September 20, 2006
An appetizer which men can enjoy. They basically lick, munch, bite, slurp, or suck a woman's (or rather a whore's) genitals, breasts, teets, and/or any other body parts for sexual pleasure.
I read your whore-oscope and eat some whore d'oeuvre.
by mnihnuht October 01, 2006
to be ordained/appointed as a whore, or to become a whore by someone's command
Peemp: As of today, thou hast been whordained.
by mnihnuht March 11, 2008
A short commanding expression spoken at the end of a speech that means: "Yeah, you heard what I said! That's the 411. If you didn't get it, too damn bad! I ain't gonna repeat myself and I ain't taking no questions!"
Ling Ling: "Blah blah blah blah....
blah blah blah blah....
such and such.....
so and so....
Please be informed!"

Lou Lou: "Can you repeat what you said before that such and such part?"

Ling Ling (thinking in her head): "Motherfucker, I gotta take a shit! I'm gettin' outta here. I ain't got time to answer this!"
by mnihnuht February 22, 2008
A fine as hell professional dancer on ABC hit show Dancing with the Stars. September 12, 2006 was her debut on this popular show, in its third season. She is Mario Lopez's partner and dance teacher. Her style is very energetic and sexual when it comes to Latin dance.
Please do that Samba one more time, Karina Smirnoff!
by mnihnuht November 03, 2006
An anti-communist Vietnamese American.
The Saigonese people are protesting the Vietnamese government of 30 years of violating human rights.
by mnihnuht March 10, 2008

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