Fuck Duck: 1)To have sexual intercource with a duck.
2)A person that has sexual relations with muliple partners.
3)A sexual play toy.
4)A sexual nick name given to one's partner.
1)Frank had sex with that duck, what a duck fuck!
2)Frank, Fran, Francis, and Fred all have sex with way too many people in one night, they're all fuck ducks.
3)Frank got Francis a fuck duck.
4)Francis nicknamed Frank her fuck duck!
by ~Keyona January 09, 2004
Top Definition
A particularly sexual person, generally strait, but can often be lesbian or threesome. A Fuck Duck often touches people in a sexual manor constantly. They are often characterized by staring at a person they are atracted to and then touching them sexually without thier permision but in a positive manor. NOT RAPISTS.
"Dude your acting like a total Fuck Duck today"

"I know i just wanna grab her ass"

"do it"


and then proceding to tap her ass
by Fuck Duck April 29, 2009
friend of the opposite sex that you fuck when ever you need to like a fuck buddy
i can't believe she dumped me. i need to call my fuckduck to make myself not want to kill myself.
by scott zewski April 07, 2006
An object (it can be anything) that friends compete over. Men give it to who had the most sex in one night, and women give it to whomever had sex in the most unusual place. Usually the compititon goes on between only two good, trusting friends. Contrary to poular beleif, it was not made up by just any random person. The first fuckduck was actually a ceramic goose, but goose doesn't rhyme with fuck.
Girl1: Central Park!
Girl2: ...
Girl1: *takes fuckduck and leaves*
Girl2: Damn! I had trolly for that fuckduck!
by RaeG December 17, 2005
A promiscuous woman with either webbed feet, extremely flat feet, or feet that push out. She loves her some cock. Available at any hour of the day at the local "pond" better known as the bar. Old people like to throw bread at her to sober her up- she just throws it back and scream "fuck you geezer faggat!"
I'm drunk AND horny- let's go get a fine ass fuck-duck.

My fucking girlfriend just fucking cheated on me. TIme to go get a fuck-duck!
by HOFFmanME! November 29, 2011
a word i just now made up that sounds funny, basically use it as an insult some siynonyms for it are: asshole, fucker, shithead, dickhead, etc.
shut the fuck up you dumbass fuckduck.
by REED March 24, 2003
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