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Fuck the Duck or Fucking the duck is the act of being lazy. You are supposed to be doing something but instead you're "fucking the duck". If you are being really lazy it's called Fucking the Royal Duck.
"I thought Bill was going to help clean up theses leaves?" "No, he went to go fuck the duck."

"Hey, where's the cook? I have an order up, 2 cheeseburger specials!!" "he's out back fucking the royal duck".
#loiter #laze #sloth #loaf #bum-around #shirk #avoid work
by dirtykurty September 07, 2010
Undocumented Democrat is another term for illegal alien or illegal immigrant. The term was derived from the term undocumented worker which is commonly used by the left or the media to sound less criminal. These people are presumed democrats or future democrats since the left generally uses government cheese to support or enable moochers and parasites in return for votes.
Undocumented worker? what kinda bullshit p.c. term is that? They're fucking illegal aliens, ya know criminals?" "Undocumented Democrat would be more appropriate, sheesh.
#illegal alien #criminal #parasite #liberal #moocher #government cheese #undocumented worker #leech #freeloader #deadbeat
by dirtykurty September 14, 2010
The Bog is the area between the genitalia (usually male) and the asshole. This area is also known as the Taint but when it is particularly sweaty, slimy or not clean it is referred to as "the bog".
After having sloppy sex all night and then going for a jog. Kenny declared, "Man, my bog is sweaty."

Alan had a sweaty bog because he refused to shower for a week.
#taint #crotch #gooch #groin #scrotum #bag
by dirtykurty September 07, 2010
Liberal Coma is the state of political unconsciousness. Time frames for this condition varies but usually only last until the individual grows up and has to actually face reality. When people have suffered or are in a Liberal Coma they are very idealistic or unrealistic about the world they live in. Often when these people either have to support themselves or have children they begin to wake up from this coma. Some never wake up.
Veronica woke up from her Liberal Coma when she saw her unemployed, single-mom neighbor pull into her driveway with her new car, one of her babies daddies and the groceries she just purchased with food stamps.
#brain dead #zombie #drone #sheeple #stoned #follower #influenced #mindless #sleep walking #unconscious #obama zombie
by dirtykurty September 16, 2010
Waiting Room is the virtual limbo of seemingly never ending hold music you are often sent to when calling a help desk, business, or Government agency. Waiting Room is the act of putting someone immediately on hold as soon as you answer the phone without them realizing anyone picked up. This process takes an experienced and dexterous phone analyst. This practice is most commonly used by receptionists and call center agents. It is used as a way of circumventing or improving 'call in queue' stats or simply as a way of stopping the insecent ringing of one's phone. The best waiting room analysts can put unsuspecting callers in the waiting room without so much as a blip in the hold music.
hey, can you get that call? It's been sitting in queue for like 10 minutes?" "I'm too busy but not to worry I think Sandeep just put it in the waiting room.
#hold #limbo #purgatory #oblivion #help desk 101 #state of uncertainty #waiting #hold music
by dirtykurty September 07, 2010
Fucking the Royal Duck is much like Fuck the Duck but more blatant. While Fucking the Duck can be construed as a convenient trip to the bathroom or a well timed smoke break, Fucking the ROYAL Duck is a blatant attempt at avoiding work.
"Hey, where's the cook? I have an order up, 2 cheeseburger specials!!" "he's out back fucking the royal duck".
#avoiding work #laze #bumming around #lounge #procrastinate #dawdle
by dirtykurty September 10, 2010
Making a Sandwich is code for jerking off,spanking the monkey,rubbing one out, etc. It is often used when someone asks you what you've been doing but would rather not express to the world that you were in fact playing with yourself. The expressing is usually followed by a quick wink and maybe a nod.
"Hey Jason, where the hell have you been? What were you doing?" ..."Just making a sandwich." 'wink'
#choking the chicken #masturbating #whacking off #beating the meat #jacking off #hand job
by dirtykurty September 07, 2010
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