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1. Usually used to desribe a gravity bong.
"Yo man, lets hit the g-bong before we go to work"
by Andrew Courcy October 01, 2004
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A large jug with the bottom sawed off, usually with a steak knife, and a cap burned out and a socket jammed in it. You would then place that structure in a bucket full of water. Next, proceed to put marijuana in the socket and blaze it up. Gently pull up on the jug structure until it is full of smoke. Lastly unscrew the cap and push down on the jug and instantly you will be blazed.

HP hits more g-bongs than anyone on the planet
by Tmoney HP May 21, 2007
Gravity bong-method of consuming cannabis as preferred by the gods. materials for construction are less than $5. bucket or waterfall, your choice.

Warning may cause these reactions:
1. Laughing at the pattern on the couch
2. Eating all the food in your house-then robbing your neighbors house for more.
3. The "beer taxi" recreates itself into the "bud taxi"
4. Seeing air
5. Heartbeat now comes from your head. WTF!?!!
6. Forgetting how to talk
7. Passing out from pure intoxication-yes it's that strong
If you're a smart smoker and want to get the most out of your stash-the gbong is for you.
by da_infamous_cole July 10, 2008

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