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"You've Got Private Message". Posted in a thread on a message board or bulletin board to let someone know to check their private messages.
Original Post: For sale, 10 GB hard drive
Follow-Up Post: YGPM
Original Poster: PMs replied to, thanks.
by froke June 22, 2004
see froke
(same as froke)
by froke June 22, 2004
ping is a tool used to test the delay between two hosts on the internet. 'ping me' is what you would say to someone if you wanted to test certain things like delay, connectivity, etc
A: I can't get to your website?
B: Can you ping me?
by froke June 25, 2004
A disgusting sexual act similar to ice fishing. When one goes ice fishing, it is usually necessary to cut a hole in the ice before inserting one's pole. In the sexual act, one must cut a hole in the victim and then proceed to have intercourse with the fresh hole. The victim is either dead or dying during ice fishing.
She's a babe, I'd take her ice fishing!
by froke June 22, 2004
To smoke or toke with a bunch of roke-a-tones. Also derived from the words fuck and fructose.

Also, a representative word for memories of good times.
Who's got the froke?
Are we going to froke it tonite?
by froke June 22, 2004

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