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It's like "freaked out" only grammatically correct.
I froke out the first time I saw Snakes on a Plane.
by Sam4 August 05, 2008
16 1
Past tense of the verb "to freak out"
Last night that jerk Brad cheated on me. I FROKE OUT and Beat the girl i saw him with.
by Renée R July 09, 2006
19 7
What Broke people do in situations of discomfort or angst. If you're broke and your freak out, it's Froking Out. Generally money is the only medicine for these mishaps, therefore the well-to-do never Froke Out.
Ex1: Mike's kid Johnny put a huge dent in the garage after ramming it with his tricycle. Mike was initially upset but then realized he was a multi-millionaire and avoided a Froke Out.

by IBO December 10, 2007
2 14