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London pronounciation of Throat.
I'll ram me fist down yer froat!!!
by Gallagsn December 02, 2003
that one teacher who literally does not know the subject they are teaching
The answer she gave us isn't even right! What a froat!
by confusedcalculusstudent February 09, 2015
A froat is the area on your throat to where if someone hits you there you make a "FFF!!!!" sound.
You do that again and I'm gonna bust you in the froat with my tire iron!
by killer kay May 27, 2009
An insult or an exclamation that can be used safely for children or Chrstians.
You are a froat.

What the froat is this?

Get the froat out of here.
by Vince November 30, 2003
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