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London pronounciation of Throat.
I'll ram me fist down yer froat!!!
by Gallagsn December 02, 2003
20 8
A froat is the area on your throat to where if someone hits you there you make a "FFF!!!!" sound.
You do that again and I'm gonna bust you in the froat with my tire iron!
by killer kay May 27, 2009
3 9
Anything you do on acid is froating
those emu squirts got me froating
by beef grenade September 03, 2008
2 8
An insult or an exclamation that can be used safely for children or Chrstians.
You are a froat.

What the froat is this?

Get the froat out of here.
by Vince November 30, 2003
8 14