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Slutty. Has a lot of sex
(Portland Or, Alberta & Albina)
Yo' bitch is raspy cuz
by Teddy LOKC November 18, 2004
One of Jadakiss' names. Referring to his somewhat scratchy voice.
They call me Raspy
Tell you what I want you to know
Fuck what you ask me
You probably don't want me to blow
by brian walker August 11, 2005
Alternate meaning to Raspy.

a) Something one has never seen before, which brings amazement.

b) Something that looks good.
Those were some raspy moves, bro.

Is that the new iPod? Shit man, thas raspy.
by xyc3 October 25, 2006
raspy (n.) - is a nickname for a beer called "Old Rasputin" made by the North Coast Brewing Co. It is a stout beer making it darker, richer, fuller. But the main draw is that it has an alcohol content of 9%, making it easily one of the strongest beers available. In short, raspy will fuck you up.
Hey, who wants to make a beer run to get some more raspy.
by a fuchs September 04, 2007
Keon is a raspy
by Anonymous September 19, 2003