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London pronounciation of Throat.
I'll ram me fist down yer froat!!!
by Gallagsn December 02, 2003
A Neelix is a person who shares the annoying personality traits with a character of the same name on Star Trek: Voyager.

This person is the most anally retentive person imaginable, the kind of person you would never get tired of kicking. The utmost example of square. No discernable sense of humour. Prone to making "httth" noises (a sharp intake of breath through their face-mounted labia) and growing "hip" little pieces of hair on their faggoty chins, which only reenforces the overall impression of vagina-faced cuntishness. Makes little cuboid shits too.

See also Talaxian
If that guy gets any more square, he'll be a Neelix.
by Gallagsn June 09, 2004
A superlative of the highest order and magnitute.
It has its root in the word Superb.

The word was first said by Shang Tsung in Mortal Kombat on the N64. The character was supposed to cry "Superb!" in response to a particularly tasty uppercut, but due to a freak alginment of the planets and a mystical symbol drawn in the dust of the N64 console, he actually uttered the cry "UMPERB!".

Others theorise that the anomaly was created through poor rendering provided by the N64's sound chip, but no-one can be sure.
"That's a superb pie"
"It's better than superb - it's umperb!"
by Gallagsn January 04, 2008
The commiting of an act of gimpishness.
Fred was up to his usual gimpery.
by Gallagsn December 02, 2003
A race of aliens whose genetic structure is actually made up of "square" (though technically cuboid) cells. This leads to cuboid shit and the tendancy to write documents using a Brown font colour, or "Brown Text".

Most of them are faggots.
See those guys over there looking faggoty? What a bunch ot Talaxians.
by Gallagsn June 09, 2004
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